Expose sur la violence

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HOW TO MAINTAIN HEALTH FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD on 20 January, health has been debated at a conference on youth bingerville.c home is on the same subject that we decide to talktoday. At first speak of the physical exercise that one of the essential medicines to stay healthy and have a long vie.EN EFFECT exercise and fitness have become part of more most in ourlives, be it a walk in the park or a run of endurence 90 minutes, the fitness is an essential part of our lives and our way of life sain.POURTANT, research show that 4 in 10 people over age 50take part in the exercise what so ever this is a very high percentage of people who do not participate in physical activity, given the importance of exercise and benefits our servicesantés.la true reason of this problem is that older people feel sweat exercise is not as important in their future years, as they were before tournament in their jeunesses.mais it is quite thecontraire.plus you get older, we need to practice the exercise for the old people are susceptible to diseases cardiaques.l performance against these maladies.Aussi, breathing through themouth can still affect the health.
By having the flu, most people often experience nasal congestion and breathe through bouche.mais, under normal circumstances people should not too oftenbreathe through your mouth because it can be dangerous for the short term health. , respiration by bouèche may cause dryness of the mouth. Similarly COMPLAINTS THEY CAN ALSO MAKE U.S. SICK?COMPLAINTS no benefits to our health, they can even make your body sensitive to maladies.en contrast, a courageous and optimistic attitude can increase the body's immune system so thatpeople do not fall easily malade.GENERALEMENT, exercise is a great benefit to our health and our way of vie.ainsi if you want to live longer, stay active and be healthy exercise done now!...
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