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DATE : 20 January 2006 (USA).
ACTORS : - Colin Farrelas Captain Smith - Q’orianka Kilcher as Pokahontas
-Christopher Plummer as Captain Newport
- Christian Bale as John Rolfe.
SUMMARY OF THE PLOT : In the beginning of the SeventeenthCentury, along the English colonization of North America, Captain John Smith leaves the Jamestown fort to explore another area and trade with the Indians, but he is captured. The princess Pocahontasasks her father to spare Captain Smith's life and they fall in love for each other. When he returns to the colony, he becomes the president of Jamestown and finds people starving, but Pocahontas bringssupplies, saves them and falls in disgrace with her people. When the Indians realize that the English will not leave their country, they attack and after a bloody battle, the English trade Pocahontasand lodge her in the fort to protect their families, and Captain Smith loses his position because he does not agree with the arrangement. With the return of Captain Newport, Captain Smith is promotedand sent back to England, and he asks a friend to tell Pocahontas that he drowned along the trip. Pocahontas is civilized and baptized by the English and John Rolfe proposes and marries her. Manyyears later, she hears that Captain Smith is alive, and she has to decide if she keeps her marriage or follows her heart.
OPINION OF THE ACTORS : Central to this discovery of the "New World" is theromance between John Smith (a modest Colin Farrel) and Pocahantas (an amazing Q'Orianka Kilcher) which is displayed with just as much wide eyed-wonder and innocence as Adam and Eve in the Garden ofEden. Christian Bale as John Rolfe and Christopher Plummer as Captain Newport are also very good when they are allowed to act amongst the lush scenery.
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