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The Fifa World Cup 2010:

The Fifa world cup 2010 is an international soccer competition marked by the presence of the best 32 national teams, the sequence of the event in South Africa and the delight that this competition is going to bring. This event takes place every four years, and many countries make whatever they can to organize this tournament. The 2010 world cup is going to be thefirst one organized on African soil.
In the past, only thirteen teams participated to the first edition in Uruguay: Seven from South America (Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru), four from Europe (France, Belgium, Romania, and Yugoslavia) and two from North and Central America (USA and Mexico). However, the competition saw a growth with the participation of theBritish team in 1950, and then fifteen teams joined the competition between 1934 and 1978. The tournament was expended to 32 teams in 1998 during the world cup in France. In this way more teams from Africa, North America, and Asia can took part.
“A total of 200 teams have entered the race for one of the 31 places at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. The preliminary phase, which began in theOceanian Zone back in August 2007, is now in full swing, with only the Host Nation guaranteed a berth in world football's showpiece event” according to a member of the FIFA (Federation International Football Amateur). The qualifications are organized by continent. The country which organizes the event is automatically qualified. In Europe, 53 nations try to get tickets. They are divided in 8 groupsof 6 and 1 group of 5. Each team will play 5 matches at home and 5 matches and outdoors. The firsts of each group is directly qualified and the second will be engaged in play-off matches at home and outdoor. Finally the four winners of play-off matches will join the nine qualified to go to the world cup. In South America, a mini-championship is organized with ten 10 teams. Each team will playagainst the 9 others at home and outdoors. Finally the four best teams will be qualified. The fifth of the Championship will play against the team of Central, North America and Caribbean which needs a play-off match. In Central, North America and Caribbean, tournament opposed 35 teams for 3 tickets. The 4th of the tournament will play against the fifth of the mini-championship of the South Americazone.
In Africa there are 53 teams for only 5places. However, in 2010, Africa is going to be represented by 6 teams in stead of 5 because South Africa will organize the tournament. In Asia, there are 43 nations for 4 places. Finally, in Oceania, 10 teams are concerned. However 1 nation will get a ticket but is not automatically qualify. Indeed, the team will play a play-off match against anAsiatic team.
At this moment only 5 teams are already qualified for the World Cup in 2010:
• South Africa
• Japan (qualified on June, 6th 2009)
• Australia
• South Korea
• And finally Netherlands
These teams will be soon rejoin by 28 others teams before the end of the year. And on June, 11th 2010 will start the competition which will see oneteem triumph.
The 19th Fifa World Cup will take place in South Africa on June, 11th 2010. It is going to be the first time that the competition is organized in African soil.
The Fifa decided to give the opportunity to an African country to organize the competition. One country should be chosen on the 5 pretenders which are: South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, and Tunisia. However Tunisiaand Libya retracted and the comity of the Fifa which was meeting on May 15th 2004 in Switzerland decided to attribute the organization to South Africa.
The Official Mascot, a leopard, has been designed and produced exclusively in the host country. The name is a composition of "ZA", standing for South Africa, and "kumi" translating into "10" in various languages across Africa. Inspired...
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