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 Dear Jerry,

My name is Mickaël. I live in Saint André. It's a small town which is situated to the North of
France near Lille. My teacher Miss Caremellewants I send a letter to you, my penfriend. I was born in Lomme on April 26th 1995,
I apologize if I made mistakes. I don’t speak English fluently yet!
Well I will try to describe my habits, my way oflife…
The days where I go to school, I get up at 6 o’clock ( but in fact I leave my bed not before quarter past six ). I have many pets, hamsters, dog, cats, fish, canaries ... My favorite pet is mydog, who is called Rex. My timetable is very charged, my only contentment is when I finish my working day of Friday because I am officially in weekend.
In a day, I have just 3 breaks: in the morning( about ten minutes); at midday for lunch in the self ( one hour) and to finish in the afternoon( ten minutes too).
I don’t like Mondays because my bag is too heavy!
Ah! The Wednesday, I love thisjourney: just four hours of classes and I can go out with my friends, play and….sleep!
In general everyday in the evening, I sent lots of sms, learn my lessons, do my homework, have dinner and chat onmsn or facebook ( Have you got a profile on facebook? )
On the weekend I go out with my friends, listen to radio, playing football, playing videogames ...
Later, I would like to become banker,because I enjoy this job and salary. My parents are divorced, so I live withmy mother and I go twice a week with my father. I have one brother, who's name is Maxime, he is seventeen years old, he is in mysecondary school and he is senior as my sister, Jenny, who is in Lille's secondary school, at Louis Pasteur. My father is 45 years old and my mother is 46 years old. My secondary school is tallerthan my intermediate school which was burned in 2005. There are a lot of classroom, a big canteen and a cafeteria. My favorites videogames are Football Manageger 2010 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. I...
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