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Hi my name is Kevin Parker. I was born on the 4th of
September 1992. I am 16 years old. I am American and
I live in Washington DC.
I am a typical teenager. I like Rap music. I like going to the cinema. I like playing video games. I don’t like working in the garden! I love sports. I can play basketball and baseball. I can’t play tennis.
I live in Washington with my family: my parents and my brothers and sisters. My father is a history teacher and my mother is a secretary. I have got a brother. His name is Jimmy and he is 12. And I have got a sister. Her name is Julia. She is just 6.
The name of my school is Washington High School.
There are 850 students. My school is not very strict. Of course, we must listen to the teachers; we must do our homework; we mustn’t run in the halls and we mustn’t use a cellphone in class.
I think my school is real nice because there are lots of clubs and you can play lots of sports: you can play basket ball for example. I have got a lot of friends. Last weekend,
I had a good time with my friends Michael and
Patrick. We went to MacDonald’s and we had hamburgers, chips and coke. We liked it. Then, we went to the cinema. We saw Madagascar II! It was a very good film!
We loved it! Michael ate popcorn and drank coke. Patrick and I ate ice cream. We had fun at the cinema.
I have been very lucky I think so far. My parents are really cool and they really love travelling. We’ve been all over the United States. We’ve travelled out west. I’ve slept at the bottom of Grand Canyon. It was fantastic. Probably the best moment of my life. We’ve been to all the
National Parks. My dad loves Nature. By the way, he is a strong defender of the environment. We do everything we can at home to protect the planet.
I really like my life in Washington. When I was younger, we lived in Los Angeles. At first I was sad when we left
California because I had lots of friends there, and I loved the weather. I liked my school. My

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