France 1920-1945

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1920-1945 in France After the First World War, France was in a deplorable state, its richness is deeply undermined and the whole French social and political society collapsed. The era between 1920 and 1945 amounts the rehabilitation’s period and the Second World War. Thus, only twenty-seven years separate the armistice of the second disastrous conflict but this small time had been enough for the French to see three different politics groups, the occupation, and the liberation. To simplify this complex period, this essay will be divided into five distinct parts: France transformed by the war, the political life within the country, the economic crises of the twenty’s, the Popular Front and finally the collapse of France. The First World War let France completely desolate, and before going any further in the study of this era, it is fundamentally important to be aware of the French situation after the armistice: tenth of the national heritage had been destroyed, the French capital has passed from 45 billion francs in 1914 to a debtor situation of 32 billion in four year and 1.4 million people had been killed. But the society hadn’t only been shaken in a human and material way. Effectively, the traditional bases were also weakened by the consequences of the war but the rapid modernization of the economy and rehabilitation would engage social changes. The Napoleon code, the previous pillar of the French social model, was not longer as important as so many couples had been destroyed by the war – there were about 630 000 war widows – and the divorce became part of the customs. The women status was in that way changed, there were freer, and their professional skills started to be acknowledge as the long men mobilization had forced them to ensure new responsibilities. From the factory to the farm, the women became the “patronne”, the “boss”. In another point of view, the growing inflation, provoked by the war and badly handled until 1926, put into question the

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