French planning procedure 2007 revision

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The content of this document is provided for guidance only and while every effort has been made by the author to ensure the accuracy of the information and translations contained, no liability can be accepted for any errors omissions and inaccuracies, or for the opinions expressed herein. The sources of information used were Guidance notes from the Directors of Planning forCalvados (14), Manche (50), Orne (61) at a presentation for the Conseille Regionale des Architectes Basse-Normandie 10/07/2007. J.O n°5 JAN 2007 Text n°12

French Planning Reforms October 2007

New planning application forms

From the 1st October 2007 a new set of interlocking planning forms have replaced all existing forms. This has been accompanied with a new national planning proceduralreform. Some of the forms retain the same name as the previous ones, however, all forms have been reformed and only the new forms will be accepted from October.

New Forms
• Permis de demolir (Demolisions permit)
• Certificate d’urbanism (Outline planning/planning in principle)
• Déclaration préalable (Minor works)
• Permis de construire (Planning application)
• Permisde construire maison (Planning application house only)
• Permis d’aménager (Individual house on housing estate)
• Modification d’un permis délivré en cours de validité (Modification to application)
• Transfert d’un permis délivré en cours de validité (Transfer of permit)
• Déclaration d’ouverture de chantier (Commence work on site)
• Déclaration attestant l’achèvement etla conformité des travaux (Completion of work in accordance with permit)

Permis de demolir (Demolisions permit)
If you want to demolish a building you require submitting a demolitions permit, however beware, in France the planning permission is attached to the building and not with the land (in many countries planning is with the land not the building). This has great consequences for thosethat intend to demolish an existing building and replace it with new because once a building is demolished a permit will be required for the new building and the land will be considered ‘virgin’ and despite an existing building recently been on the land this has no standing under French Planning Law and if you are in a zone non-constructible your replacement building will be refused permission.Therefore if a building falls into disrepair you will not be able to replace it with new if you are in a non-constructible zone you will have to work with the existing. Likewise if a building falls into the state of a ruin you may not even be allowed to renovate it because the planning is with the building and not the land (the planning permission collapses with the building to the point of noreturn.)

Dossier consists of:
▪ Site Plan scale 1:5000 or 1:10000 that identifies the land within the commune
▪ Plan Cadastrale 1:2000/1000
▪ Site Plan scale 1:500 of the property
▪ Floor plans scale 1:100 of the existing building
▪ All elevations scale 1:100 of the existing building
▪ Two photographs existing
▪ Photomontage/visual proposal after demolitionsA written submission explaining the visual impact of the project


4 copies of the application form + dossier delivered to the Mairie
Response to application: 2 month

Certificate d’urbanism (Outline planning/planning in principle)

The old Certificate d’urbanism forms were poorly drafted with the result that many requests (50%) were not what the beneficiary required....
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