Gatsby dream is pathetic

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English coursework: « Gatsby’s ‘dream’ is pathetic and squalid. » How far do you agree with this statement?

In F.Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, the main ideas revolve around the perishing of the American dream and the loss of social values. Having money and power and acquiring a high social status are the goals of the time. Gatsby’s dream is to obtain the love of the woman to whom he has been faithful for so many years, Daisy Buchanan. It is for her sake that Gatsby has made it into an upper class society of superficial relationships based on money and status. It is debatable whether or not his ‘dream’ is pathetic and squalid.
Pathetic bring to mind pity or sorrow, and squalid stand for dirty and repulsive as a result of neglect.

Gatsby’s dream is not pathetic because Fitzgerald is modern and romantic. He has a vision of this dream, which refers to the author’s imagination and therefore makes Gatsby’s desire to regain Daisy’s love.
Gatsby’s dream relies on hope. For him this dream brings a state of hope which gives a sense to Gatsby’s life. It is his goal in life, it affects all his decisions. For Gatsby’s dream brings him enough strength to live, and it is the only thing that keeps him alive. His dream is not squalid for he has a real passion for Daisy. We can see this in the book many times, when Daisy meets Gatsby in Nick’s house; he turns into ‘stone’.

On the other hand, Gatsby’s life relies on Daisy and her feelings for him. Yet, throughout the novel, Daisy doesn’t show much emotion towards Gatsby, and later, the reader discovers that the person Gatsby fell in love with is not the same person who lives ‘across the bay’ : she is not worthy of Gatsby’s’ love and sacrifices. The fact that she didn’t take the blame for Myrtle’s death later lead to Gatsby’s murder, which proves that Daisy Buchanan is a manipulative women who is never grateful.

Also, she is not present at Gatsby’s funeral as only Nick Caraway and his father were present.

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