Google corporate culture

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First I would like to welcome you all.

This morning we are going to present you the well-known company Google. I believe that everybody knows this company and I am sure that many of you use their search engine every day. But hopefully, you will learn some fascinating and surprising information during our presentation. We will present the company through different aspect:- First, its history

- Followed by a brief description of their product

- Their corporate culture

- And global relationships

- And a brief conclusion

We hope that you will enjoy our presentation. If you have any questions feel free to ask them at the end of our presentation. We will be more than please to answer them.

So let’s start with Google’s history.Corporate culture

Let’s now discuss about Google’s corporate culture.

As we learned during our English classes, the corporate culture is a broad term used to define the personality or character of a particular company. This includes such elements as values, beliefs, corporate ethics, and rules of behavior. To summarize it’s: “how things get done around here”.

Google is knownfor having an informal corporate culture. Indeed, forget about the strict dress code, the enormous amount of restriction and the stress at work. Google has its own idea of corporate culture and it’s far away from any other corporate culture that you might know.

First, let’s look at Google’s background to understand their unusual choice. As we said in the historic, the company’s founderswere really young when they began this American success story. Therefore, they probably had many different values from the usual CEO.

In fact, Google’s philosophy is:

• "You can make money without doing evil,"

• "you can be serious without a suit,"

• And "work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun."

Those are the three most representative point oftheir corporate culture. For example: Let’s take the first one: "You can make money without doing evil".

This joins their motto: don’t be evil, whose meaning is that you can make profit and at the same time have a good behavior.

All those values lead them to create a surprising head-quarter. They choose to name it Googleplex, which is a contraction between Google and complex. Thecompany’s founder wanted to make the headquarter look like a large campus and they succeed with the work environment as well as for the campus –like atmosphere. In fact, they have this funny tradition of making every new employee wear an amusing hat on their first Friday at work and those new employees are called noogler (new googler).

Googleplex has great infrastructures and services forthe googler (Google employees). Among other things you can find: rest-room, pool-room, sport-field, swimming pool, massage room, laundry room, carwash, a hairdresser and you also have daycare services for the children, dance and Yoga classes ... Beside that, there are also free snack rooms stocked with various healthy foods and drinks.

In conclusion, you can find everything that you mightneed at the Googleplex -- there's no need to leave the campus!

Unfortunately, not every affiliated company has the same infrastructure and services, but there are still many similarities:

• First every office is decorated according to the local culture.

• Bicycles and scooters are available to employees for easy travel from one meeting to another.

• In the meantime,googlers all share open spaces, in fact individual desk are really infrequent.

• Moreover the workers can find laptop everywhere in the company so that they can take note and sent mail from anywhere in the company.

• I believe that the most exceptional rule is that you can bring your dog at work!

• Finally, all Engineers at Google are encouraged to spend 20% of their work...
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