Google vs microsoft

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Google vs Microsoft

Define and compare the business strategies and business models of Google & Microsoft





Based on R&D,innovation Know internet is a major system Innovate on new products

Based on their strengths Are number one in desktop computing Better known in their domain Do not have competitors Desktop, bolster itsinternet presence with Yahoo!, acquire other firm


Business Model Innovative brand

Has the internet taken over the PC desktop as the center of the action? Today:
Internet and PCdesktop : interdependent . both Google and Windows are trying to go on their competitor’s field.

Tendency for the Internet to take over the PC desktop

Gives more advantages
The Internet +Give access to your own information everywhere Requirement of connection Security The PC desktop Feeling of data security


Local Can be lost

Why did Microsoft attempt to acquire yahoo? How didit affect their business model? Do you believe this was a good move?

Microsoft proposed $45 billion to buy out Yahoo
Why? >> To Reinforce its on-line services >> To Attempt to dethrone Google >>To Reach Yahoo advertising channel >> To Innovate

It would enable Microsoft to be both Desktop & Internet based.

What is the significance of Google APPS to Google’s future success?

Newproduct A way to diversify its offers Reach customers from the microsoft’s market, Reach customers who do not have Microsoft Office

Would you choose Google APPS instead of Microsoft Office?

Office:The « safe choice » Everyone know how to use it Products more complete

Google Apps.
Cheaper: basic version for free and Premier Edition 10x cheaper than Office Simpler (Google site...) Easier forcooperative work

Which company and business model do you believe will prevail in this epic struggle?

>> Internet has become the information center >> They are more innovative than...
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