Gouvernement 1789-1799 nombreux portraits

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1789-1799 : FRANCE


Map of Europe 1789 : You can zoom above, the resolution is very good !


[pic] (Louis XVI : King of France portrait1786)

In october1789 until September 1792, the France is constitutional monarchy (the king is Louis XVI).

[pic] (The National Convention : Republic Of France)In september 1792 until octobre 1795 The National Convention abolished monarchy and found a republic for France, mainly Louis XVI escape in Varennes for joinAustria. it is a treason for French and the people of Paris do not want any more monarchy.Louis XVI is die by guillotine in January 1793.
Then it is FrenchDirectory in 1795 until 1799(“coup d’état” of Napoleon create Consulat) because Convention is considered to be not democratic enough for France. It draws its name from thefive directors in charge of the executive power.
[pic] ( Paul Barras : The principal and first director of France).

Exemple of French Generals :

[pic] (Most important General of French Revolution,Jean-Baptiste de Rochambeau.

[pic] ( Other important General of French Revolution, Charles Francois Dumouriez

[pic]( General Of French Revolution : Jean batiste Jourdan )

[pic] (General of French Revolution : Armand De Gontaut-Biron)

[pic] ( General Of FrenchRevolution : Jean Kléber )


(General Of French Revolution : Lazare Hoche )

The Army : the French Army had the best generals of Europe and a many soldiers inarmy thanks to the conscription of mass as well as a good artillery. However its soldiers are disciplined little and do not have enough experience, it is a new army…
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