“Governments should cut funding to the arts in these difficult economic times and concentrate on priorities like health and education.”

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“Governments should cut funding to the arts in these difficult economic times and concentrate on priorities like health and education.” Give your opinion

Men have been looking for ways to besatisfied since ages. They have been wandering trying out their luck, to find out something more, something deeper than what material things bring them. They tried hard to understand the meaning of theirown world but in vain. They were glued to a society that limited them spiritually. Arts as far as concerned were, back in the early centuries, considered as an answer to society issues. They were knownfor the positive note they bring to life. But nowadays the governments funding to the arts is questioned especially in these difficult economic times. People are wondering if it is not more judiciousto cut the funds to the arts. But is it necessary to get into this point? It is true that the current economic tendency is tensed, as much as it is true that governments should concentrate onpriorities like health and education. However don’t you think that arts are in a way educational? Indeed arts develop the children mentalities and offer them a different perception of life, one that willhelp them in their future career. It also makes them much more sociable and bloomed. Novels, poems, songs, movies... they're all made to balance a lack of happiness. Human nature makes us expectsomething that moves us deep inside, a thing that will make us feel alive. And arts simply seem to be the best answer to those needs. We, as human beings, have been praying for an escape from the reality,this escape that will make the life easier; the one that arts offer to us. The opportunity to fly away, to dream, to make a wish, to love, to believe, this is what we all are looking for, and this iswhat was made by arts whether it was poetry, theatre, music, dance, painting … If our screenplay is summarized in a simple economic role than I do believe that no one would like it. Instead of a future...
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