Green information technology

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Business Information Technology

Green Information Technology


Everyone knows how much Information Technology is important. Today, no work and no business are possible without it. Almost everybody uses computer every day for long hours. The problem is that they don’t know how much energy they use and waste. Green IT/computing can increase people’s knowledge and help to savethe planet.

First, in this paper, I’m going to define Green Information Technology and trying to understand its goals. Then, I want to emphasize, through some observations and significant figures, why it’s important to head for a Green computing way. Afterwards, I’m going to focus on the origin of green IT through the definition, the history and the results of the Energy Star Label. Finally, I’mgoing to explain the four makes which lead to an entire Green IT. And of course, I’m going to find some solutions that everybody can use.

What’s Green Information Technology?


Also called Green Computing, Green IT describes the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, using and disposing of computer and all the related resources in an efficient way with minimal and evenno impact on the environment. It refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT. This practice tries to improve the performance and the use of systems like monitors, storage devices and networking, printers and communication systems. [1]


Of course green IT has some specifics goals. Firstly, Green IT wants to reduce resource consumption, then improve the energy performance ofcomputer production tools, but also reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency during the product’s life time and finally promote the recycling of out-of-date products and factory waste.[2]

Why do we need Green IT?

Before doing Green IT, we have to understand the reasons for which it’s important to steer for an ecologic use of computers and their systems.Observations:

There are some observations that show us why we have to do Green IT and why people need to be more informed about this subject:

1. People don’t know the energetic performance of the computer equipment. The population is sub-informed.

2. A computer contains toxins which can hurt the environment if they are misused. In one computer you can find various toxins in diverse places:Lead in the cathode ray tube and solder, arsenic in older cathode ray tubes, antimony trioxide used as flame retardant, polybrominated flame retardants in plastic casings, cables, and circuit boards, selenium used as a power supply rectifier in circuit boards, cadmium in circuit boards and semiconductors, chromium used as corrosion protection in steel, cobalt in steel for structure and magnetism,mercury in switches and the housing.

3. The information technology uses a huge quantity of electrical energy: all the PC’s, servers and switches need electricity to run. Another amount of electricity is used to cool the electronics and this electricity is generating by fossil fuels, which engenders greenhouse gas emissions.

4. The power usage cost a lot for businesses, there is alot of companies which are losing money for this power. They don’t know what they’re spending. And ignore that in investing in energy-efficient PC’s, they are going to reduce their costs.[3]

Some figures:

Some figures are helpful to have a good understanding of the Information Technology consumption:

-In France, the information technology and communication consume 13.5% of the electricity.-The power consumption of PCs increases by 5% yearly.
-The electrical bill of computers (during their lifetime) is now bigger than the purchase price.
-Between 2000 and 2005, consumption of electric operation centers doubled worldwide.

Therefore, financial stakes of green computing are very important. Economic actors in the sector deploy considerable efforts on the communication about...
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