Guest house business plan

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Executive Summary 1. Business Description

Elvira Guest House c.c. (herein referred to as the business/ Enterprise) is to provide a safe and comfortable homely environment for visiting clients. The purpose of the enterprise is to accommodate guests, visitors and tourists by providing them with comfortable accommodations and suitable transportation to visit Gauteng and the surrounding areas like Sun City and the Kruger National Park. The Business is in the start up phase of establishing a Guest House. The hospitality industry (tourism) is on a peak, as many people/ businesses are preparing for the Soccer World Cup tournament in the year 2010. Tourists are now visiting South Africa to see the procedures taken in preparation of the event. During their stay in the country, they will want to live a different experience and stay in communities as opposed to hotels. The name of the company is Elvira Guest House; it composed of the first syllables of the married owners’ first names Elvire and Raphaël. The business will be located in Johannesburg in the Bellevue suburb near Ellis Park Stadium which is one the 2010 World Cup venues. It will be a close corporation (c.c.) with all the members are part of the management and have direct interest in the success of the enterprise. Raphaël Mfuamba Tchobobo and Elvire Mbuyi Kolela will be managing and overseeing all the aspects of the business as chairman and chairwoman respectively. The implementation plan of the business has researched, observed and concluded that there is no suitable accommodation for visitors, tourists, guests, businesspeople and vacationers in the Houghton, Berea, Yeoville, Bellevue and Observatory area.

2. Target Market

The business is targeting every tourist visiting or settling in the country, either on the business, relocation or vacation purpose. Part of the business offering assures that, the business can cater for both conveniently and effectively. We believe that when a tourist visits the

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