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Foreign student integration interview & report

With the development of the international moves, there is more and more people who choose to go abroad for professional or many other reason. People seem really interested in other culture; they are open-minded and are looking for different way to improve their knowledge and to get different way to live and to see things. It is interesting tounderstand what are the stages of adaptation the people experience when they go abroad. Indeed, it could be quite difficult and unnatural to try acting like people use to do in the country you have moved in when your usual practice are very different. And if you keep on living like in your country, it might get your integration more difficult. We have interviewed two foreign students in order tounderstand the process of integration in a new country. Based on what we have eared, we have identified a few steps in the integration process which we are going to present. First of all, there is the open-minded of people as a preliminary to an easy integration. Then, there is the first impression of the new country. The third one would be the adaptation to the habits and to the way of doingthing. Finally, there is some cultural differences which still stay.
We have talked to Arash Moghani who is Canadian and to Gahtan Aziz who is from Tanzania.
Gahtan is in GGSB and is currently following the BIB course. He is from Dar es Salaam which is not the capital (Dodoma is) and he speaks Swahili (same language as Kenya). It’s his first experience in France, he has only been here for a coupleof month but he went to England and Denmark. He also went to Malaysia to study in a University because the Tanzanians’ one are not as famous as the one he has been to. He told us about the differences between the way to practice sport, the classes, the party and also the main cultural differences. We talk about the lack of relation between GGSB and ESC.

First of all, on the integrationprocess, we have seen that the open-minded is a required to someone who wants to go abroad. Integration would be easier for someone who is interested in other culture and who is tolerant with another way of life and with other point of view and way to see the main issue a society can experience. Both Gahtan and Arash fell attracted to other country and culture. Gahtan went to many different countries inAfrica, Asia and Europe. Each time, the purpose is not just to visit the place to go but mostly to meet people and learn about them and their culture. It was the same for Arash .
“I always like to learn about other cultures” Arash
Most of the people like Arash and Gahtan who want to go abroad are very open-minded. They could be different reasons why someone wants to move in a foreign country. Itcould be just to go there and visit famous places and city. In that case, it could be no strong needed to be integrated in the local culture. The other reason is to discover a country, that would mean its places but also its people and its culture.

The second stage would be the first impression, the first experience you have in the new country. Arash has been in France for 1 year and a halfand he still remember is first day in France. In Gahtan’s one nothing really disturbing happened. He has an Aunt who lives in France and took him up from the airport. Moreover, something happen to him while he was in Paris a few weeks a ago. He was completely lost in the tube and wad trying to find his way, so he had to ask people about what to do and where to go but no one was able to explain tohim. He tried to speak French because most of the people he has talked to didn’t speak English and they barely understood what he was looking for.
“My first day in France was both great and difficult. I arrived in Grenoble with 3 pieces of luggage and was not able to find the school. I had practiced my French to ask the French people on the streets where Grenoble Graduate School of Business was...
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