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Mathematics are constituted by abstracted knowledge with a logical reasoning, using numbers, structurs and figurs. Mathematics exist since thousand and thousand years, they were a lot of discoveries in science. The most famous inventions were discovered only by men. So when we talk about mathematics, we only think about Pythagore, Archimède, Euclide or others mathematicians. People know a lot of mathematicians but when you ask somebody if he knows famous women in mathematics, you have a few answers or no answers. In fact, there were important women in mathematics history but we don’t know them. Why these women are not very known? In order to answer to that question, we are going to talk about famous women in mathematics and their story, secondly wa are going to talk about two famous and important women, and then we are going to see the relationship between women and mathematics.

I/ Men, women : story of mathematics

1.1 Men in mathematics

Everybody knows that mathematics are very important, and science could have been evolved without it. For instance, geometry and trigonometry allowed to calculate the size of the Earth and the distance between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. Men discovered the famous and the most important inventions and relations in mathematics. People who participated to the development of sciences are called : matematicians. Thanks them, there were an evolution in the inventions and the way of thinking since five centuary. Before the XVe centuary, there were discoveries like the using of numbers, cercles, triangls,
It’s only on the XVe centuary that Italians discovered the perspectives used for constructions.
On the XVIe centuary, Ferrari, an Italian mathematician solved a fourth degre equation. So, Italians brought a major part of evolution.
On the XVIIe centuary, Descartes translated figurs in equations, called analytical geometry. It was a new way a new way to calculate.
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