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Why, do people travel?
First of all, for my part, I think that people travel to open to the world, it is to discover new landscapes because the nature is sodifferent from a place in the other one, from new cultures, to hear(understand) a new language(tongue), to see one the others civilization, the other colors, smells. So, thetravelers bloom thanks to a real desire to exchange in spite of, sometimes, some problems of understanding, however a smile is often enough for understanding(including). Thelaughter is an international language(tongue).

Furthermore, people also travel for enriched their own knowledge but also those the others. Certain persons realize theluck(chance) which they have share the difficult life of certain peoples To sum things up , to travel allows the opening of spirit, the division(sharing), the awakening ofsense(direction) and the understanding of the world.

Then, people journey also to avoid(flee) certain everyday life(daily paper), dullness because every day are alike. It allowsthe travelers to make a break, for example, to find of the sun when to them it is cold. Consequently, people forget all the concerns(marigolds) of the everyday life at leastcounterparts some moments.

Finally, people travel in great majority for the pleasure, to drop the borders, the social rows(ranks) and communicate, I think that for numeroustravelers tries(feels) a real pleasure to pack their suitcases and not to know about what tomorrow will be made. It is true that for the other persons, to travel became aneffect mode, a means to make as everybody but most of people travels by envy(urge) and not out of necessity without forgetting well on people who travel for their work.
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