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The idea of success is completely different between each man or woman. However, in my point of view, success is constitute of two kind of it .
First of all, there is the “material” success who is easily understandable. Indeed, this kind of success is the one that mostly everyone is looking for. In my opinion, material success doesn't mean being the richest man on earth or something like that. It simply means having enough money to please the one you love like your children, your wife, your friends and so on. In my own idea of success, I include this material success because for me , success can't exist with a minimum of material well being ; it is unthinkable for me to think of success without money, alas. I wish I could be like a friar who doesn't care of the material well being. Nevertheless I have always lived in a society where this kind of success is as important as the “spiritual” well being. Furthermore, there is the “spiritual” well being . According to me, it is the most important success you can have. Indeed, if you have the material well being but not the “spiritual” well being, the material one is completely useless and unhelpful. The “spiritual” one is the fact of being in peace with your mind, your relatives and so on. If you have this, your life will already be a success. You can have either the spiritual and material well being , which is my idea of success, but if you have nothing but your fortune, you don't have a successful life. However, if you don't have many money but you are in peace with your family and friends, your life is already a success. Not the one I am immediately thinking of , however if you have the spiritual well being, it means you did a great job .
Eventually, I am looking for both of them ( material and spiritual well being ) but if I just have the spiritual one , it will be a good start. Yet, I know I will always be looking for the material well being , which is either a good and bad

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