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As part of Reunion Weekend festivites, the theatre production of former English Professor Kathrine Kressmann Taylor’s 1938 book Address Unknown came alive at Kline Theatre.
Kathrine Kressmann Taylor “H E Y, I T ’ S G R E AT T O S E E Y O U . You’re Bishop ’57 attended the New York production lookin’ good. What’s up with the kids? Or the and thought it would be a good idea to bring grandchildren?” it to campus. He enlisted classmate Bob The standard Reunion Weekend greeting, Schultz ’57, and together they developed the delivered with a wide grin and a warm handplan to make it part of the class’s 50th shake, was ubiquitous this past June when reunion weekend. alumni returned to campus to renew old Shultz studied under Taylor, and the two friendships and rekindle “fond memories.” remained in contact after he graduated. His For one well-remembered Gettysburgian, howevfavorite memory of her was a moment in er, there was a different kind of greeting Italy. “You know, she moved to Italy after she — loud applause. retired,” he said. “When I was in Europe with Former English Professor Kathrine the Navy several years later, we arranged to Kressmann Taylor made an appearance meet. That’s where she taught me to drink during the weekend by way of a theatre brandy. I’ll never forget her telling me in that elegant way of production of her 1938 book, Address Unknown. At the curhers, ‘You don't drink it. You inhale it.’ Needless to say, that tain call an almost full house at Kline Theatre joined in a was a very pleasant part of my education.” standing ovation. Bishop and Schultz brought their idea for a Gettysburg Taylor’s spiritual return to campus came more than four production of the play to Joseph Lynch ’85, director of alumni decades after she retired from the College as an associate relations, who asked Muschamp to direct. It became an allprofessor in the Department of English, but those intervenGettysburg College event when Muschamp

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