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Internal Control and Risk Management
– A Basic Framework

Since the formation of the Corporate Governance Committee in 1995, the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants is proud to have been playing a leading role in promoting greater awareness and higher standards of corporate governance in Hong Kong. The Institute believes that good corporate governance is fundamental to attracting investment, stimulating economic growth and reducing the cost of capital. It is also vital to Hong Kong’s role as one of the world’s major financial centres and the premier international capital market for Mainland China and the region. We are supportive, therefore, of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited’s recent amendments to the Listing Rules to introduce the Code on Corporate Governance Practices (“the Code”) and the requirements in relation to the Corporate Governance Report. These changes will raise the bar for listed companies in Hong Kong in terms of their corporate governance practices and disclosures. This guide on internal control and risk management has been developed at the invitation of the Stock Exchange, with the primary objective of providing general guidance and recommendations on a basic framework of internal control and risk management. It draws on important overseas studies, which are acknowledged benchmarks of international good practice while, at the same time, takes into account the current situation of the Hong Kong market. We believe that the principles and recommendations contained in this guide should help listed companies to understand and implement the requirements in the Code relating to internal control, and to devise their own internal control procedures that have regard to the specific circumstances and characteristics of their business. Enhancing corporate governance is not simply a matter of imposing rules and laws but about promoting and developing an ethical and healthy corporate culture. I hope that this guide makes it

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