Intership presentation

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Internship presentation

1) Introduction
My internship took place in a surveyor’s office called CABINET POIGNON in Amiens.
Being the only office in the city, I pick up a work placement easily because I am an inhabitant of this city. It began at the end of May and finished at the beginning of July.
Before this period, I was arrested because I didn’t know what tasks the chartered surveyor, who is the boss, gave me.

2) The Internship

The boss wanted to consider me like an employee. The staff was welcoming and I discovered a pleasant environment. The first week, the chartered surveyor tested me to see my skills.
I worked the first time outdoors in GPS surveying and sketch design.

Then, he gave me an assignment: I had to design plans for a Property developer, who wanted to build 109 accommodations.
I put my skills in CAD into practice and 3 weeks later, I produce the 12 plans.

The second assignment was a co-ownership modification. It was a short mission to test knowledge for the first assignment. It was the creation of duplex by flats fusions.

And the last assignment was an indoors survey in a school. The City Authority wanted to reorganize a part of school, by moving class rooms and school restaurant. We were two employees to survey classes but we worked alone.

3) Advantages and Drawbacks

The training session was useful because, I was able to make tasks alone with sometimes aids from the staff and boss. I can work more quickly than in school. But I was disappointing because I spent more time on CAD software than outdoors. Nevertheless I feel at ease on software. 4) Conclusion
To conclude I was satisfying for my internship. This internship allowed of thinking about my study project. I discussed with the chartered surveyor to know the possibility of studying after the HND (Higher National Diploma) and I want to continue in Bachelor’s Degree in surveying

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