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1. Acknowledgements x

Without the school Vatel and especially Madame Knockaert, who was responsible for training, her assistant Madame Serres and Madame Shawish (Maitre de stage), I would have never performed an internship in such an exceptional hotel. For this reason I want to thank them very much for the opportunity to discover Malta and the luxury hotel : The Grand Hotel Excelsior.
Theteam who welcomed me had made my placement a unique and unforgettable moment. Especially Mr.Grixti Norbert (General manager) for his human qualities, his kindness and the way he treated me like a member of his team, permitted me to open myself during all my training.
Madame Grixti Shirley, human resource manager and all her team showed me the importance of discipline in such an important structure.The way she was anticipating and helping students in every way possible by organizing weekly meetings. That was a precious relationship which permitted me to integrate easier with the team.
Mr. Zammit Robert and his team, who were responsible for the room service, helped me a lot in this new department, which was unknown to me before. They always tried to teach me something new every day andwere always giving me good advise. After working one month in this department, I realized that it was the place where I learned the most.
Mr. Paul Bonanno, Noël Vella, the porters, all the front office team and my fellow students, considerably helped me during and after my shift and gave me a great remembrance I won't forget. I want to thank all those people for all what they have done for me.This internship is a unique moment for me that I will never forget - thank you again very much…

2. List of contents

3. Introduction x

My school Vatel gave me a list of places were I could do my training. On this list was Malta which interested me as a destination that I wanted to visit. I immediately was flabbergasted by the description and the pictures of the Grand Hotel Excelsior.My expectations were fulfilled and I will show you through my report an exceptional experience which I had in Malta.
First of all, the perfect location of the hotel is next to the sea with a private beach which attracts international tourists from all around the world.
You can also imagine how I felt when I first saw this Hotel, which has a wonderful contemporary architecture with luxuriousrooms, restaurants, bars and above all the warm welcome that the personnel gives each person that enters.
From the first to the last day of work as a member of the hotel team, I had many different positions in different departments. I will share with you throughout this report my experiences, discoveries and accomplishments.
Below are a list of special points that I will touch on :
- The HumanResources department.
- The student-manager meeting (I represented the french students).
- Health and safety.
- The strength of Porter, in this point I will make an analysis to have an idea of the position of the hotel on the market.
- SWOT Analysis
- The Induction.

4. The place x

Malta is a strategic point in the Mediterranean Sea between Africa and Sicily. Its geographic situation led todiverse occupation : Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. In 870, Islam imposed the maltese language. Conquered by the Normans in 1090, it became sicilian in 1127 which then became christianized.
In 1518 Charles Quint, a german emperor and king of Spain offered the island to the Horseman of Rhodes, who govern it and became the famous Horseman of Malta.
1798, Napoleon Bonaparte takes back the island,after which the English install themselves in 1800 and make it a strategic base which was vital during the Second World War. For their behavior, King George offered his cross which is now on the national flag. In 1964 Malta became independent and a member of the Commonwealth. Then in 1974 it became a republic. The island integrated in the European Union in 2004.
Maltese is a language which...
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