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The Japan is an island country, located in the Pacific ocean, at the East of the Asia. The politic of the state is a constitutional monarchy, where the power of the emperor is very limited. The money there is the Yen ( 1€ = 120Y ). The Japanese society is very different than the our. It is based on religion (we find a lot of little temples in the towns), respect and work (a lot of pressure weigh on the young/new generation). It's a big center of technology.

Some informations about Japan

The Japan, in spite of its predominant culture and its traditions, is more and more influenced by the Occident.The Japanese society come of a feudal system, but the Japan is today egalitarian. The social class is definite by the education and the professional situation. This system gives an important pressure on the young. The families values are really important/ occupy a central place in the society. The family practises a constant pressure on the member of it, but the old person is very respected, considered like the incarnation of the past, the present and the future.Since the eighties, the Japanese population gives an impression to be a hard worker. They give a big devotion to their boss, But we can find some tragic cases, like the workaholism (= addiction au travail), Karoshi in Japanese, which draw away the death of some workers.The mentality of group is present too in the society. Many colleagues are going to drink a glass after work before to come back at home. We can identify the three main religions : the Shintoism, the Buddhism and the Confucianism (more a moral code than a religion).The Shintoism (voie des Dieux), is the oldest religion of the Japan, it was the state religion between 1870 and 1940. It is a polytheist religion in which the divinities are untitled the kamis, they take care of the nature, the living beings, the death and the things. The main kamis are : Izanami : the first woman, Inzanagi, the first man, Amaterasu

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