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Johannesburg :

Hello we are Tanya and Magalie, we shall be your tourist guides the time of your passage in Johannesburg

Présentation :

It’s a metropolis Of South Africa, that has a population of more than 3 million inhabitants. Johannesburg has a tropical climate. It’s a cosmopolitan city, several languages are spoken there: the Nguni, the Sotho, the English and the Afrikaans.


It’s an important city since the discovery of the gold on the site in 1886 of or its Zulu eGoli name: the city of the gold, it knows then a growth very fast, with the opening of a valuable stock exchange (the Johannesburg stock Exchanges) in 1887.

Administrative regions

It’s a municipality divided into 11 admnistratives regions, in the North, the districts very very rich but in the Southwest, the poor suburbs, township.


The museum of the Apartheid, Gold Reef City's theme park, You can also added a visit to Soweto, where you can visit Mandela House Museum or the Hector Petersen Memorial Monument, but also the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, all this except Sandton, the business district and Randburg renowned for its shopping malls and its numerous amusement parks.


It’s a dangerous city, often quoted to have manslaughter's highest rates,a murder every half an hour, that is why during your journey certain advice is to be applied (to apply)


The university of Witwatersrand implanted in Johannesburg since 1904 is a pole of not insignificant higher education, offering medical, scientific and artistic trainings. Johannesburg also includes a wide network of high schools and international schools of France, Germany, Portugal, the United States, Australia, Israel and Libya.

Flag of Johannesburg :


The meanings of the colors of this flag are the same that those of the national flag.


Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens :

It’s a popular picnic spot however as it is a nature reserve they

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