John lennon in the beatles

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John Winston Ono Lennon was born in 1940 in Liverpool in the united kingdom, into a working class family and has been murdered December 8th 1980. He was a really famous singer, author, composer and was the main founder of the world known group called the Beatles and formed with his friend Paul McCartney one of the most influential songwriters duo in the rockhistory. The Beatles created more than two hundreds songs, which allowed them to become the most famous rock group of their time. John Lennon was a really interesting person to start with the beginning of his career , the apparition of the Beatles ,the disband of the Beatles, his social life , and also what was his influence on the Beatles and on all the world. Firstly, the beginning of John Lennon’scareer was caused by his mother who bought him a guitar .when he was just sixteen he decided to learn the guitar and formed his first rock group with some friends called the Quarrymen. In 1957, john met Paul McCartney at the church during a performance of the quarrymen . Gradually John Lennon has refreshed his team until he found the best one which contains Paul Mc Cartney ,George Harrison andRingo Starr . We are at the end of the fifties, the Quarrymen became The Beatles. The career of the Fab’Four began in 1962, John Lennon is the natural leader, singer and songwriter. Alongside him who is used to be seen as his "brilliant second", Paul McCartney. Together, they wrote the most beautiful melodies, fantastic songs, the most successful popular music we have ever known : The Beatle mania.In 1965, the Beatles are at the peak of their glory. Lennon, who had always wanted to be known, however, began to express growing unease and torment in his songs. I’m thinking about I'm a Loser", "Do not let me down "or" Help " which are expressing his feelings. After this song the legendary Bob Dylan in person was impressed by the writing skills of John Lennon . But this golden age was notwithout tensions. The two main opponents ( Mc Cartney and Lennon ) were fighting because they both wanted to impose their own song; And no one of them was agree with the other one . In 1966 each artist has done is own song. On the one hand we have "We can work it out" (by McCartney) and on the other one "Day tripper" (by Lennon). After this Gold age, Lennon married with Yoko Ono Japanese artist, who islater accused of poisoning the relationship between the artists of the Four’Fab. In 1970 Paul McCartney announced the end of the Fab Four, Lennon took the opportunity to devote himself entirely to his solo career and fully express his own talent. During his career, he was always considered as the chief of the Beatles, and when the group disbands, he was faced to Paul McCartney and he began hissolo career. During the decade following the separation with the Beatles, Lennon was probably one of the four who was the more active and the more dynamic. On the one hand for his new music and on the other hand for his civic and political actions. John Lennon made his first album outside the group in 1968, with Two Virgins. This is an album of experimental music made with Yoko Ono his wife. Thealbum, which caused a scandal, knows a short success . The

first real solo single he gave was “Give Peace a Chance”, recorded in Montreal in 1969. After the final separation of the Beatles, Lennon makes his first album in 1970, John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band, which became one of his most popular albums because it was characterizing his melancholy. On the 9th of October 1975 Yoko Ono gives him ason called Sean. John decides to withdraw from public life time to raise her son. He returned in 1980 to release a new album Double Fantasy, his last, unfortunately ... On December 8, John Lennon was assassinated at the entrance of the Dakota Hotel, where he lived in New York by a schizophrenic fan. The genius disappears when he was only forty years. John Lennon was one the most famous person of...
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