La distance soignant soigné

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Dear Emagic customer,

this document will provide you with additional information on the installation and use of Logic on systems running the Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system.

General-Windows 2000 "Service Pack 2"
Emagic strongly recommends the installation of Windows 2000 "Service Pack 2".

Either "NTFS" or "FAT32" formatted hard drives can be used. There isno obvious performance difference between the file system formats when using Logic.

Please ensure that "Audio > Audio Hardware&Drivers > Larger disk buffer" is enabled in Logic when using "NTFS"."NTFS" formatted disks are not supported by Win9x operating systems (98, 98SE, Me), so if you plan to run a dual-boot system, with Win 9x and Windows 2000/Windows XP sharing a hard drive, "FAT32"must be selected as the file system format.

Please note: When recording on a "FAT32" partition, Record Enabling an audio track takes some time if the option "Audio > Set Audio Record Path >Pre-Allocate Recording Files" is enabled. With this option disabled, this pause time occurs when starting the actual recording.

-Installation and operation
Installations of Logic and drivers should beperformed in "Administrator" mode. Logic itself will also work in "User" mode.

Audiowerk users require the latest driver set, which is available as a free download from support
Logic runs in multi-processor environments, but is not yet optimized.

Special settings in Windows 2000 / Windows XP

-"Control Panel > Display Properties > Effects"Emagic recommends to switch off "Menu and Information Animations". If you have to use it, make sure to use the "Scroll" effect option, because use of the "Fade in" effect leads to overload messages whenopening menus. Using the "Show window content while dragging" option does not affect performance.

-"ControlPanel > Mouse > Pointer"
The mouse "shadow" can cause “sync” or “CPU overload” error...
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