La france en guerre

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Tunisia: my home country

[pic] Introduction: Good afternoon every body. The title of my presentation is “Tunisia: my home country”. It is divided into 3 parts:

← Selection Criteria (why I chose this topic) ← Historical Background (Presenting Tunisia) ← Points of Interest

Selection Criteria: I have chosen (selected) to talk about Tunisia because it is my origin country. I love it very much and I feel homesick (nostalgique) when I am in France. I have my relatives (family) there. Every summer I go to Tunisia to enjoy the sun, the beaches, and to meet the nice and hospitable people.

Historical Background (Presenting Tunisia) Tunisia is situated in the North of Africa. It’s bordered by Algeria to the West, Libya to the Southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the North and East. Its capital is Tunis located in the North-east.

[pic] Tunisia was occupied by the French in 1881. It obtained its independence in 1956. In July 25, 1957, the (nationalist) leader Habib Bourguiba became its first president. [pic]

President Habib Bourguiba

Tunisia has been governed by President (Zine El Abidine) Ben Ali since 1987. Its Official Language is Arabic and its Second Language is French.

Tunisia is subdivided into 24 Governorates, they are:

|Ariana |Manouba |
|Béja |Medenine |
|Ben Arous |Monastir |
|Bizerte |Nabeul |
|Gabès |Sfax |
|Gafsa |Sidi Bou Zid |
|Jendouba |Siliana |
|Kairouan |Sousse |
|Kasserine |Tataouine |
|Kebili |Tozeur |

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