La grande dame veuve clicquot

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We are the G4 company and we are going to present you the communication strategy for Veuve Clicqot company, and its vintage champagne: La Grande Dame. First, you have to know that this champagne is part of LVMH.

In 2009, wines and spirits sector accounted 16% of the turnover of LVMH. The first one is fashion and leather goods with 36.9%. There are different actors in the champagne industry. Some groups dominate the market as :

We are going to present the communication positioning of La Grande Dame, a swot, what are the objectives to assign to the brand communication, who are the targets, what promise shall we give to them.

In a second part, you discover our advertisement, why we create it. You will see the potentialities of each one of the 6 basic plans over 2years and we will propose our CRM plan to develop our customer’ loyalty.

I-Communication strategy :

1- Benchmarking and review concurrents

The Champagne houses or wholesalers may be divided into 4 categories including 3 are most important. Les Grandes Maisons de Champagne, the Cooperatives, the Maisons de Champagne Importantes, and finally the local champagne houses.

The family of Grandes Maisons de Champagne includes large groups such as Moet & Chandon Champagne, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Champagne Vranken, Champagne Laurent-Perrier, etc ... These groups have great brands and the family of Grandes Maisons de Champagne has a little less two-thirds market share in the sector. They are mainly oriented towards external markets.

The Maisons de Champagne Importantes and the Coopératives hold them to one-third market share of the sector. The Maisons de Champagne Importantes are typically family businesses with an international reputation. Local Houses in champagne are around thirty and represent 5% of market share in the sector. They are aimed primarily at domestic market.

Below is a table and graph which cut turnovers and

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