La haine

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La Haine


Shot in black and white, La Haine is the story of three friends in their early twenties coming from immigrant families and living in a poor multi-ethnic housing project in the ghetto of Paris, which French people refer to as the “banlieue.” Vinz is an angry Jewish adolescent who believes he is a gangster, Hubert is a thoughtful, Afro-French boxer who deals hashishand wants to leave the ghetto, but unlike his friends, does not provoke the police. Said is a Maghrebin who plays the role of mediator between his two friends. The movie is about the single, most decisive day of their lives.

The action takes place the day after a riot between the youth of this banlieue and the police forces. The riot occurred because a friend of theirs, Abdel Ichaha, isin a coma after a police inspector beat him up while in custody. Vinz found a revolver that a police officer had lost during the altercation and claims that if Abdel dies, he will use it to kill a cop in order to make it even. Hubert is totally against this idea, but Vinz does not care and carries it around, drawing it for no reason, which makes Hubert weary of him the whole time. Since their livesare boring and there is nothing for them to do in their ghetto, they decide to go to Paris where they hope to find something entertaining to do.

Unfortunately, the situation in Paris is the same and they are forced to face the hostility of Parisians, which leads to Said and Hubert's arrest. The situation gets even worse for them because the policemen responsible of their arrestphysically abuses them, humiliates them, and makes them stay at the police station late enough to be sure they would miss their last train home. Therefore, they have to spend the night on the streets where Said and Hubert are savagely attacked by a bunch of racist skinheads. Vinz puts an end to this lynching by threatening them with his gun, which makes them flee. However, one of them does not have time toescape and Vinz is about to execute him in cold blood, but quickly realizes that he is not the gangster he thought he was and lets him go.

In the morning, the three of them go back to their ghetto and walk back to their own homes when Vinz decides to give the gun to Hubert. As they are leaving, Said and Vinz encounter a plainclothes policeman that Vinz had insulted in the afternoon andwho is still angry about it. Thus, he grabs Vinz to threaten him. When Hubert sees that, he hurries to help his friends out. Unfortunately, the policeman is taunting Vinz with a loaded gun on his head and the gun accidentally goes off killing Vinz on the spot. As a result, Hubert and the police officer both point their guns at each other's face, and when the film cuts we just hear a shotgun andfrom then, no one know what will happen.

Although this movie is directly related to various social justice issues such as racism, crime, poverty, the treatment of ethnic minorities, the relationship between the police and young people, citizenship in France, drugs, and the status of women in the ghetto, the common bond is the lifestyle of people living in the banlieue. In this paper, we willthen focus on these living conditions through different aspects of young people's daily life.

To begin, the way this movie depicts families, and especially women, is truly representative of what life looks like for the female population living in the French banlieue. First of all, Vinz lives with his sister, his mother, and his grandmother for whom he has a lot of respect for, as we cansee when he goes to buy peppers for her and gets scared because he did not get the one she wanted. Then, there is Hubert who only lives with his sister and his pregnant mother because his brother is in jail. Finally, Said's parents are both in jail too so he lives with his brother and sister. The common factor of these three families is the fact that we only see women inside their flats, which...
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