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Audi is a German car manufacturer, a subsidiary of the group Volkswagen AG. The official name of the company is AUDI AG, and its head office is situated to Ingolstadt in Bavaria.
Theorigin of the name is a play on words between Audi, imperative of “audire”: to hear, the Latin translation of the name of the founder August Horch (imperative of “horchen”: listen) who could not use againhis name, having already established) previously, in 1899, the automobile brand Horch. Audi was afterward associated with the acronym Automobile Deutsche Industrie Union (translation: Grouping of theGerman car industry).
July 16th, 1909, with the spirit pioneer who was his, August Horch gave birth to AUDI, initials which join since to automobiles of exception. The head office is then situatedto Zwickau in Germany.
The brand is present in 100 countries throughout the world. AUDI AG possesses two subsidiaries whom is " Automobili Lamborghini Holding S.p. In " (to Sant' Agata Bolognese -Italy) and " quattro GmbH " (Neckarsulm – Germany).
In 2008, Audi sold 1 003 469 vehicles, and so finished the thirteenth consecutive year of records of sale.

The transnational firm counts aspartners, a lot of companies of different horizons: Chateau Latour, Dunlop, French federation of ski, the football clubs “Real Madrid CF” and “Olympique Lyonnais”, Tag Heuer …
The company made a 30 billionof € profit a year during these last 3 years.

The German manufacturer Volkswagen makes units of the model Passat in Slovakia, whereas AUDI makes it with the model TT in Hungary.
The Germanmanufacturer Audi, the subsidiary of the group Volkswagen announced at the end of March its decision to pursue its extensive strategy of investments in his Hungarian factory. Audi plans to invest between 200and 250 million euro a year in his factory of Györ in coming five years, at least if the current situation remains.
These contributions should at first allow the factory to spread its production...
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