La part de l'autre

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Tour guide talk

Welcome to the ear everyone! I am the one who shall guide you through the ear. The pinna which we turned to a parking
(brings the people in the doorway in front of a long, well lighted tunnel of a peach color.)
Here we have the auditory canal that travels sound to the ear drum right over there. The auditory canal is covered in hair to stop dust from entering the ear. The auditory canal and the pinna are part of the outer ear.
(Walks them to the ear drum.)
This is the ear drum, we have put a gift shop for the ear drum but we kept it its shape. The ear drum captures the sound waves that enter from the auditory canal to the hammer.
(Walks them to the hammer.)
This is the eating area which of coarse is not in the ear. Over here we have replaced the hammer by a wishing fountain. The hammer sends the sound waves to the anvil right here.
(Turns to the anvil.)
The anvil, that we replaced by a walk way. The anvil carries out the sound wave to the stirrup here.

(Turns to the stirrup.)
The stirrup was replaced by the entrance of our famous attraction, the cochlea coaster. And of course the cochlea was replace by the roller coaster. The inner part of the ear ifs from the ear drum to the stirrup and go’s to the cochlea. The cochlea is connected with a nerve which brings the sound wave to the brain that finally makes the sound in your head.
(Walks them to the semicular canal galleries.)
This is the semicircular canal. We have replaced it with the semicircular galleries. It is connected to nerves that go to the brain. The cochlea and the semicircular canals are part of the inner ear just like the ear drum, the hammer and the stirrup.
(Walks them to the eustachian tube.)
This is the eustachian tube that we placed a go-kart, a museum and the eustachian corporation building. You are now free to go on our rides, attractions and to eat at the wishing fountain. Good day to you all.

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