La premiere guerre mondiale

310 mots 2 pages
Palomba Pauline
1ere L2

Best I worse had

I know my song made a lot of jealous but it is for you, 15
But do not think I love you 7
Because you betrayed 7,

Baby, you were everything, Everything I have always desired.
With whom I shared my life
I see only you, who does not love the superficial.
I always wanted to be beside yourself,
I have always been faithful and take care of you.
To you I tried to be a model husband, I do not spend time when I'm with you,
I'm not afraid of growing old.
& I know that life is not always easy,
I'll tell you what my heart said, you the fucking worse, you the worse I ever had, best I worse had, best I worse had, best I worse had, I said you the fucking . . .

Yet when I see Remy in bed with you, trying to make love, I thought
I won but I hate you for the rest of my life & never go back.
But the truth hurts, I think all of you know, I know you thought it was too late. Even if I love you still,
I regret nothing
I have won everything, you all lost,
You did not want a good man, you'll end up alone for the rest of your life !
Although I always think of you. I think that your lip, one that disarms me, who talk to me, which delights me, that haunt me.
I still have to thank you for everything you do for me but
I will never forgive you. The damage is done and forgiveness is impossible, you return never do
& find someone who loves people like you horrible
I not will repeat it twice & I tell you good bye my

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