La segmentation

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The kite runner.

Phone call from Rahim Khan.
R: Amir Jan.
A:Rahim Khan?
R: it's kind of you to remember. I have missed you, Amir Jan.
A: it's good to hear your voice.
R: you should come home.
A: home? (sighing) I don't know if now's such a good time.
R: it's a very bad time, but you should come. There's a way to be good again, Amir.

Back in time. Amir and Hassan.
A: what are youdoing here?
H: come and sit Amir.
A: you're wasting time here. The kite went the other way.
H: it will come this way. Trust me. Have I ever lied to you?
A: how should I know?
H: I'd rather eat dirt.
A: would you really do that? Eat dirt if I told you to.
H: I would if you asked. But would you really ask me to do such a thing?
A: are you crazy? You know I wouldn't.

Baba (Amir's father)Man: thank you Agha Sahib.
B: I want them to start building tomorrow. This should have happened a long time ago.
Man: the orphans of Kabul will never forget you.
Baba, listening to the radio. (man speaking farsi on the radio)
With the victory of Saur revolution for the 1st time in the history of this country, the political sovereignty and political power have been bestowed upon the democraticparty of the people of Afghanistan.
Rahim: this will get bloody before it gets better.
Baba: usually a safe bet.
Rahim: They say the Communists are starting brawls at the university. A student was stabbed last week. I'm glad Amir is too young to be involved in all this. (In the meantime, Amir is going past them without his father noticing it. He can hear all that is being said.
Baba: Amir? Trustme, he won't get into any brawls. Sometimes, I see him playing on the street with the neighbourhood boys. They push him around, take his toys from him, but Amir, he never fights back. Never.
Rahim: he's not violent.
Baba: you know what happens when the other kids tease him? (narguer) Hassan steps in and fends them off. (pushes) And when they come home, I say to him: how did Hassan get thatscrape on his face? He says: he fell down. There's something missing in that boy.
Rahim: my friend. Children are not colouring books. You don't get to fill them with your favourite colours. He's not like you. He'll never be like you. But watch. He'll turn out well.
Baba: a boy who won't stand up for himself, becomes a man who won't stand up for anything.

Rahim and Amir Jan.
Rahim: may I comein? I wanted to say good bye. I'm going to Pakistan tomorrow. That's a fine kite
Amir: Hassan ran it down. The boy has got a gift. What are you working on?
Amir: a story. It's not very good
Rahim: may I read it? I'd love to read it. I'll read it tonight.

Amir: he hates me because I killed her. My mother.
Rahim: Amir, don't ever say such a thing. Don't ever think it.
Amir: but it's true.Rahim: no, Amir Jan. It's a dangerous thing, being born. Dangerous for the mother, dangerous for the child. Your father would die for you. You know that, don't you?

Hassan, Amir meet Assef and friends.
Assef: where are you going, faggots? What do you boys think? If I paid you to be my friends, would you really be my friends? Or would you be my servants?
His friend: If you paid us, that wouldmake us your servants!
Assef: so, I guess, Amir has no friends.
Amir: we are not bothering you.
Assef: you are bothering me. Afghanistan is the land of the Pashtuns. We are the real Afghans. Not this flat-nose Hazara. His people pollute our homeland. They dirty our blood. If idiots like you and your father didn't take these people in, we'd be rid of them. (car tyres screeching; he looks behind)Hassan: (pulling his slingshot) please, leave us alone, Agha.
Assef: put it down, you motherless Hazara.
Hassan: leave us in peace.
Assef: maybe, you didn't notice, but there are three of us and two of you.
Hassan: and maybe, you didn't notice that I'm the one holding the slingshot.
Assef: forget it. We'll deal with these faggots later.

Baba and Amir.

Amir: the mullahs at school say...
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