La vieeele nylon

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Nylon was the first fiber to be synthesized from petrochemicals and became know as the « miracle fiber «  . Its inventor was american chemist Wallace Carothers of the dupont Comapany . Introduced in 1931 it was first called «  66 «  ? By 1938 Paul schlack a german chimist form the I.G . farben company , created a diferent from of the fiber jnown as nylon 6 . In 1941 british nylon INC. Began nylon 6 production in great britain . Invented two décades after rayon and acetate nylon opened the door for synthetic fiber inventions that révolutionized the global textile industry .
Dupont began commercial production of nylon in 1939 by factoring womens hosiery at the san Francisco exposition . It was one of the mostr exiting fashion innovations of the age , and womenwere intrigued by trhe strength , beauty , and low cost of nylon stockings compared to silk stocking ? World war II diverted production of nylon to the war effort as it was used in products like parchutes , ponchos , tires , ropes , tents , and even U.S currency . When commercial production resumed after world war II thousands of woman lined up in New York city to purchase nylon hosiery .Neil Armstrong planted a nylon flag on the moon in 1969 while wearing a nylon aramid space suit , symbolisions the futuristic aura of the «  miracle fiber «  . Synthetic fibers can be producted in various modifications . Throughout its history special purpose nylon fibers have been developed . The Japanese company , KURARAY , began developing leather _lookrofiber nylon in 1964 , wich isused for High fashion apparel , sportswear , and luggage . A lustrous and luxurious appearing Qiana nylon was introduced in the early 1970s as an innovation with the tri angular cross sectional shape of silk . It is no longer made . Antron nylon had similr properties and continues to be produced .
Consumers found nylon to be less comfortable than natural fibers . One solution was to blend nylonwith other fibers to enhance strenght and improve commfort . Modifications produced Hydrofil nylon ,which was engineered for increased absorbance . Recent development of microfiber nylon ( fiber with exceptionally fine diamètres ) added a comfort dimension first appreciated in active sportswear , such as athletic wear made of Tactel mircofiber nylon produced by Dupont . Designer andconsumer-lev fashion acceptance of microfiber products continues to grow and with it many come resurgence of nylon in apparel fashion .
Research into possible innovations for nylon continues . One frontier is micro-encapsulation in medical applications , in which nutriments and suppléments encapsulâted in the apprel are released as therapy to the body . encapsulation appeared in interiortextiles as perfume in furnishings used to set the mood of a room . nylon is produced in Asia , North america , Western Europe , and Eastern Europe , with production growth showing a marked shift to Asia . Nylons Share of fiber production has decreased from 20 percent in 1982 to 11 percent in 2002 . polyester at 58 percent has clearly become the dominant synthetic fiber .

Prduction of nylon :Nylon is chemically synthetized from petrochimical by reacting an acid with amine . the variant of amine and acid determines the resultant type of nylon ( e.G 66 or 6 ) the compounds form a nylon salt that is dried and heated under a vacuum to eliminate water and form a polymer known as polyamide ? inthe technical textile literature nylon may be referred to as polyamide ? the polyamide ismelted , passed throught a spinneret with holes , and drawn in long continuous filaments . variations in the steps of this process allow producers to engineer specific properties . Often yarns are texturized ( treaated to change the surface texture ) in order to add character , strech , or buld . FIbers are then processed into yarns relative to use .

Characteristics of nylon textile :...
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