Le chien et la moule

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In September 1971, a group of North American peace activists and environmentalists, (founders Jim Bohlen, Paul Cote, and Irving Stowe) boarded the vessel called "Phyllis Cormack", to protest against U.S. nuclear testing in Amchitka, (off Alaska).
The willingness of Greenpeace, is to prevent such tests being placed in the center of the test area. This action provoked a wave of awareness in the world.
In 1972, the United States, under massive public pressure, announce the end of atmospheric nuclear tests. Greenpeace won its first battle!
Thanks, has this first victory, this NGO has been expanding. This NGO was recognize in the world..

Grennpeace is an non-governemental organisation (NGO), whithout link with states. Its purpose is to report the damage to the environment and provide solutions that contribute to environmental protection and promotion of peace. It's present in 41 countries in the world. Today it has nearly 3 million members around the world.
Some figures:

Number of offices: 28

Number of employees worldwide: 1200

Number of members: approx. 2.9 million

Budget Greenpeace world: 177 million euros in 2006

Greenpeace fleet: 3 vessels on the high seas
Gaz emission
We must reduce the CO2!
By signing the Kyoto Protocol, Switzerland committed itself in 1997 to reduce emissions of six greenhouse gases by 8% until 2010 compared to 1990 emissions.
But Switzerland is approaching this modest goal hobble. Energy consumption and with it emissions of greenhouse gases the most dangerous, CO2, are still increasing.
Smart energy policy on the part of Switzerland can stop this progression: we must strengthen the incentives for

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