Les amishs

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They are a group of people who migrated from Switzerland in the 18th century. They fled religious persecution over there. They now mainly live in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. They are Christians who believe God has a personal interest in them. They are now, two groups, a very traditional one, « The old older Amish » and a more recent one, composed of people who have left the first one because they accept more progress in their lives.
They have always been against the traditional Americanconsuming way of live ; instead, they prefer to live simply, not according to fashion, and repair things instead of throwing them away.
The Children go to one-room-school and they only have one teacher for all eight grades ; the subjects they learn are basic reading, writing and arithmetic.
They don't use energy because they think it's bad for the good of their community. They depend on the weather to work from sunrise to sunset. And they live by farming, but use horeses instead of tractors. And since, they are a strong community, they help one another a lot, by building their houses or barns together.
They communicate by letters since they don't have ( or use ), any telephones, radios, tvs..., stereas or computers.
And finally, they don't own or drive cars because they think that car drivers have become more self-centered, Instead, they use Horse-Drawn-Buggies.
Believe in God, Buddha, Mahomed... A belief. A Religion ; To be Religious.
Cars are one of the major threats to our environment. They threaten it.
Children must obey they parents.
We are too dependent on petrol and that is a big problem, nowadays.
Be self-centered = Be selfish.
Mainly = Principalement.
Flee = Fuir = Run Away = Escape.
Amish use horse-drawn
At the same time=in the meantime

Amish live the way people did in the nineteenth century

They do not except modern technologies

…..unlike the rest of the American population

Besides (en outre) the Amish musn’t spend money on

en relation

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