Les insurprenables

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Summary of the article :

The article is about the annual walk for Terry Fox that the schools organize. Its about the Westmount’s Rosalyn Elementary school who is plannifying to raisemore than 15,000$ for the cancer. This whole organization started with a men named Eddy Nolan that participates every year to the 10 kilometre walk. For 8 years, he has organizedevents like rally’s in this elementary school to raise money. At first, Nolan was amazed by how Terry was determined even if he only had one leg, so he decided to get involved in somefundraisings. In 1993, it became even more important for him, because he lost his sister from a cancer at the age of 36. A few years later, at the age of 46, another of his sister died from thesame disease. Nothing never stopped him, it made him want to earn even more money. He gave himself another goal that was to reach 6,000$ and he made it. He never stopped informingpeople about the importance of giving money for the researches. He made a promise to his sister that he would continue to run until his legs would drop off.

Vocabulary words :Staggering : so great as to cause one to stagger : astonishing, overwhelming
Pupils : a child or young person in school or in the charge of a tutor
Selflessness : having no concern for selfMend : to free from falts or defects : to improve in manners or morals
Cherished : to entertain or harbor in the mind deeply and resolutely

Comprehension questions :
1. What is thegoal of the Westmount’s Roslyn Elementary school for the Terry Fox fundraising?
2. From what died the two sisters of Nolan?
3. What is the promise Nolan did to his sister?Discussion questions :
1. Do you think that people give enough money to the foundations?
2. What other things could we do to sensitize people about researches for the cancer?
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