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FN- DIALOG(R)File 144:Pascal|
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AUTHEUR- 15240769|
AN- 01-0408608|
TITRETRE- K-Commerce : Knowledge-based commerce architecture with convergence of e-commerce and knowledge management|
CS- World Bank Washington, D.C. United States|
SO- InformaTitretreon systems management|
SO- 2001|
SO- 18|
SO- 2|
SN- 1058-0530|
AV- INIST-20633^354000098048330050|
DT- P Serial|
DT- A AnalyTitretrec|
CP- United States|
LA- English|
AB- There is synergy between E-commerce and knowledge management. E-commerce is about transacTitretreons with external stakeholders. Knowledge management is about internal collaboraTitretreve endeavors and the sharing of informaTitretreon and experience.K-commerce is the collaboraTitretreon and sharing of knowledge with external stakeholders.|
DE- Electronic trade^InformaTitretreon management^OrganizaTitretreon management^Knowledge^System architecture^InformaTitretreon system^Knowledge management|
DE- Commerce electronique^GesTitretreon informaTitretreon^GesTitretreon organisaTitretreon^Connaissance^Architecture systeme^Systeme informaTitretreon^ERP(Enterprise Resources Planning)^Knowledge based commerce^GesTitretreon connaissance|
SC- 001A01E04^205|
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FN- DIALOG(R)File 144:Pascal|
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Autheur- 15238110|
AN- 01-0405333|
TITRETRE- Comment acceder Titretrex applicaTitretreons, connaissances et espaces communTitretretaires del'entreprise ?|
TITRETRE- Portail Intranet & communicaTitretreon interne : Paris, 2000|
TITRETRE- How to access to applicaTitretreons, knowledge, and communTitretrety spaces of the firm?|
CS- Lotus Unknown|
CT- Portail Intranet & communicaTitretreon interne. Forum|
CL- Paris FRA|
CY- 2000|
SO- La documentaTitretreon professionnelle|
SO- 2000|
SO-(33 p.)|
AV- INIST-Y 33246^354000092490880040|
DT- P Serial^C Conference Proceedings|
DT- A AnalyTitretrec|
CP- France|
LA- French|
AB- ClassificaTitretreon et topologie des portails. SoluTitretreons de la firme LOTUS: portail simple: Lotus Domino, portail1:1-Lotus Web Profiling SoluTitretreon. Portail de connaissances -Raven|
DE-Firm^ClassificaTitretreon^Topology^Community^Knowledge management^Portal site|
DE- Entreprise^ClassificaTitretreon^Topologie^CommunTitretrete^GesTitretreon connaissance^Site portail|
SC- 001A01C03^205|
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FN- DIALOG(R)File 144:Pascal|
CZ- (c) 2001 INIST/CNRS. All rts. reserv.|
AN- 15231434|
AN- 01-0398329|
TITRETRE- Knowledge management and the framing of informaTitretreon: a contribuTitretreon to OR/MS pracTitretrece and pedagogy|
CS- Victoria University of Wellington Wellington New Zealand|
CT- OR42, OperaTitretreonal Research Society Annual Conference|
CL- Swansea GBR|
CY- 2000-09-12|
SO- The Journal of the OperaTitretreonal Research Society|
SO- 2001|
SO- 52|
SO- 8|
SO- 856-872|
SN- 0160-5682|
CD- JORSDZ|AV- INIST-5733^354000095841200020|
RF- 81 ref.|
DT- P Serial^C Conference Proceedings|
DT- A AnalyTitretrec|
CP- United Kingdom|
LA- English|
AB- Successful knowledge management must be based on an understanding of how knowledge is created, diffused and used. In this paper, we explore the effects of framing and refraining on decision makers' percepTitretreons and knowledge. It iscontended that, once these effects are understood, framing can be used to improve the understanding of problemaTitretrec situaTitretreons by providing a means of developing and synthesising mulTitretreple perspecTitretreves that lead to enhanced percepTitretreon, insight and knowledge. The Titretrethors employ a repertoire of frames to demonstrate the power of framing in the development of problem...
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