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What we obtain too easy ;we esteem too lightly

The human nature tends to acquire what it appreciates .In case someone set himself anobjective to reach it, whether the manner was easy or not, through a long way or a shorter one ,at the end his estimation would depend on his own contribution.Even a small project which mobilizes a big effort will be appreciated for this effort .
We never esteem our health value as a patient in an intensive careservice does.
To leave one’s bed few minutes after waking up everyday is a dream for such patient in critical situation.
The more time, money or effort wegive the more we esteem the result.
Nonetheless it’s not the case all the time ;for instance when we receive a gift from a friend forfree.
Even if we didn’t give anything; we would esteem the gift as a precious object because of the nice friend or the particular moment when we received theobject or simply due to its value.
In such situation, directly or not we will apreciate what we obtained.
Indeed what we feel appears deeper than the senseof the gift itself, and its estimation is independent of the way we get it .the object importance supersedes anything else.
Thelink between the evaluation of something and what we‘ve done or given to get it or realize it, is not merely based on the difficulty that we’ve felt toconcretize it and how much we’ve spent for it ;especially when it has a moral sense for us.
In other words a particular meaning will bring a particular attachment.
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