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Nazer Jean
September 27, 2010
Nowadays big and small companies have different way and means to presenttheir product. They advertise it as best as they can to try and influence us .Some ads are funny, some are tricky but the goal is always thesame. Try to get us the consumers to buy into whatever they are selling sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
Recently I saw an ad aboutold spice deodorant for man. I did not like it, the ad was very confusing. It was not clear as far as showing me what I feel like would makeme want to buy deodorant. If I am watching an ad about deodorant I want to at least see an ad about people sweating ,dancing or playing somekind of sport and then tell me or show me how the deodorant keep them fresh. But this ad did not have any of that, it was boring andirrelevant. It was not the way an ad for a deodorant should be. I have not used old spice deodorant before and I strongly doubt that I will use itin the future.
In the past I have purchased some items based on their ad ,but in order to do so the ad have to be convincing .I believethat I won’t be buying any old spice deodorant any time soon because the ad did not do it for me. Until they come up with a better way to doso I will not change my mind. It is interesting to analyse other product to see which is the best.

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