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Taking Your Company to the Next Level
The Market is the Message

Wielding Profitable Profiles
A company profile is only half complete in this multimedia world, if it does not assist you to takeyour company to the next level. The Ten Minute Business Profiler is intended to bring you from the writing process to the marketing arena.

A simple, easy to use and flexible Wizard, is designedto help you write a brief, well organized company profile that clearly explains your objectives.

Once you have written a one or two page profile of your company, however, you may then findyourself in possession of a document ready to be read but rarely seen. At this point, you can transform your profile into myriad formats utilizing a whole gamut of publishing tools and Internet resources.You Know Why and Who …. Here’s Where and How
There are literally hundreds of networking events hosted by government agencies like the Small Business Administration (SBA), nonprofit associationslike Chambers of Commerce, and large corporations like the Baby Bells and most of the top banks. (See calendar.) Some organizations, like the SBA, specifically request attendees to bring theirbusiness plan - the basic imperative of entrepreneurship today - for general distribution. Others, like the MIT Entrepreneurship Center conduct an annual competition for the best plan.

However, in mostcases it is inconvenient, and more often inappropriate, to use your business plan to market your company. Imagine the chagrin of a corporate executive watching bound business plans pile up at hisbooth at a Trade Fair. “Just leave me your business card,” he is apt to say. In fact, only prospective investors and lenders generally require a business plan, and even they are increasingly requestinga company profile to precede detailed information. Your company needs more in its arsenal than an unwieldy multi-page business plan or a glamorous $10,000 static media kit that you can afford to...
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