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1) Presentation of the product

The Nissan LEAF which means “Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family Car”, is a new electric car produced by Nissan.

The particularity of this caris that it is no hybrid, but 100% electric, and so, there are no CO2 emissions with this car model.

One of the big advantages of this electric car is that you can charge the battery directly fromyour home. So you only pay the price of electricity, which is very low regarding the fuel price.

The Nissan Leaf electric range is 160km, which is sufficient for a lot of people who don’t drive morethan 100km per day.

The sales of this new car are scheduled in December 2010.

The price will be about 32 000$ in the USA and about £28 000 in the UK.

2) Communication strategy

Objective :The first objective is to give notoriety to this new type of car which is 100% electric. We recommend to inform people about this product :
- Technology
- Specifications
- Innovation

The second objective is to convince people that this car have everything they need, if like a majority of people, they drive less than 100km per day.

Targets :

- Urban people
- High ormiddle social professional group

Theme of the campaign :

We recommend to use the axis of 100% electric and the ecological aspect for the campaign and the different actions.

These axis are veryinteresting as the Nissan Leaf is one of the only car 100% electric with these specifications in the world, so we have to put the stress on that, we have to prove that this car is the future’s car.Moreover, these themes are attractive, durable, distinctive and credible (because of tests done) 
Slogan :

“The new way you move”

This slogan has been selected to emphasize the fact that thiscar is a very new thing as it is 100% electric and very ecological.

Moreover, this slogan refers to the Nissan’s slogan which is “The way you move”. So it can help to work on the notoriety of...
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