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In recent years, drug consumption rooms have been established in several countries. These rooms, mostly operated in big cities and emerged because of serious health problem and public order problems associated to the use of drugs, especially the injection of drugs in public places. Currently, there are about 72 drug consumption rooms that are located in 39 cities and in six countries in the European Union: In Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain Luxembourg and Norway. And there are also projects of injecting centers in Australia and Canada. The first center was opened in Bern, in Switzerland in 1986.

Firstly, I’m going to give you a precise definition of drug consumption centers and then I will explain you the functioning of those centers

Consumption centers are places where dependent drug users are allowed to bring their illegally obtained drug and take them in a supervised environment and in safe and hygienic conditions; without the fear of arrest. Those centers are supervised by several professionals: made of social workers, nurses, doctors or other staff trained in emergency aid and social assistance to drug users. Those centers can be financed by local or regional budgets or by voluntary organizations. They are created to reach high-risk populations of drug users who have important health care needs; especially users who consume in public places.

The main objectives of those centers are described by the European report on drug consumption rooms: 6 main objectives

* Establish contact with populations of drug users:

* Provide a safe and hygienic environment for drug consumption, in particular injecting drug use

* Reduce the incidence of infection associated with drug use by providing safe materials

* Reduce mortality and morbidity associated with drug use, as a result of overdose, transmission of HIV and hepatitis, and bacterial infections

* Promote access to other social, health and drug treatment services

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