Mary stuart

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Mary Stuart

I- Glorious years
1- Childhood in Scotland
* She was the daughter of James V of Scotland and Marie de Guise. James died within a week of Mary's birth and, before she was even a year old, the child was crowned Queen of Scots, which was actually ruled by regents including her mother.
* The regents of Scotland made a treaty with Henry VIII in which Edward, Henry's son, wouldwed Mary. However, this treaty will later be broken by the Scottish Parliament because of Henry’s many actions against Catholics and Scotland (he sent his army north).
* French remaining true to their alliance with the Scots came to their aid, the French king Henry II proposed to unite France and Scotland by marrying Mary Stuart to his son, the future Francis II.

2-Queen of France
*Flee to France: In July 1548, they sent the five-year-old Mary to France, her mother's homeland. Her mother, the regent stays in Scotland, she would see her only one more time.
* Mary sailed from Dumbarton Castle to France, using this route to avoid English ships patrolling the English Channel.
 Mary was 5 when she first met the four-year-old dauphin. Vivacious, beautiful, and clever, Mary had apromising childhood. While in the French court, she was a favourite.She was raised to become queen of France away from Scottish matters. The king also became very fond of the child, saying, 'The little Queen of Scots is the most perfect child I have ever seen.'
She received the best available education, and at the end of her studies, she had mastered French, Latin, Greek, Spanish, and Italianin addition to her native Scots. She also learned how to play two instruments and learned prose, poetry, horsemanship, falconry, and needlework.
* Henry II of France, died at the age of 40. Mary and her husband were crowned Queen and King of France, they will rule France during 13 years and were very affectionate with one another. But in June of 1560, Mary's mother died in Scotland at the ageof 45. And just six months later, her young husband also died of an ear infection. Mary was understandably devastated by this chain of tragic events. After the death of Francis II, Mary customarily wore black to symbolise the loss of her husband and the loss of her French crown.
* When Mary left for Scotland, it was a land rife with religious and civil discord and was to become a protestantcountry. She travelled with the children of Scotland's nobility, including the 'Four Maries,' the women who would stay with her throughout her later imprisonment and execution.
She would reign in Scotland for 7 years.

II- Mary vs Elizabeth
1. Opposition
2. Betrayal

III- the Falling
1. Reasons
Successions of bad decisions, center of plots.
she wanted peace andprosperity, and she kept Scotland safely distanced from political machinations. When the threat to Mary's reign finally came, it was not from one of these outside powers; indeed, it came from within her own nation.

 In July of 1565, she wed a cousin named Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, a weak, vain, and unstable young man. It a wedding of love.
When she was six months pregnant in March of 1566, Darnleyjoined a group of Scottish nobles who broke into her supper-room at Holyrood Palace and dragged her Piedmontese secretary, David Riccio, into another room and stabbed him to death. They claimed Riccio had undue influence over her foreign policy but, in reality, they probably meant to cause Mary, from watching this horrific crime, to suffer a miscarriage, thus losing her child and her own life aswell since one usually meant the other in the 16th century. Mary certainly believed that Darnley, angry because she had denied him the crown matrimonial, wanted to kill her and the child, thus becoming King of Scots.
Then prisoner of scotts nobles, escaped with her husband and Three months later the future James VI of Scotland was born and congratulations came from all over Europe. Still young and...
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