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Roles and responsibilities of the companies

support WikiLeaks

Assignment Two

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Roles and responsibilities ofthe companies support WikiLeaks
In today’s society, opinions range far and wide. In the high speed technological age of today, anything that anybody wishes to say can be heard by anyone elsewith access to the public space, internet. WikiLeaks, an “international non-profit organization” which is mirrored as a media entity that publishes and reveals confidential information that aregovernmental to international from anonymous news sources has caused more controversy world widely. Whether it is trusted or not, the controversy has caused lasting damage to American diplomacy especiallywhen the package called Iraq War Logs is released in October 2010, and U.S. State department diplomatic cables in November 2010. In time, it earns varied support from companies. The following essaywill examine the roles and responsibilities of the companies support WikiLeaks.
Before questioning duty of the companies support WikiLeaks, the roles and aims of them should be focused first.According to Jullian Assange who created and served as editor in chief of the website, he created the website to reveal the hidden truth of our society and increase the clarity of the world to make theworld a better place. The release of the Iraq War Logs shows how U.S ignores torture and how violent they can be. This definitely can damage U.S in all political and international ways. However,nothing is ever what it seems. Some say WikiLeaks exist to report and correct the planted evidence or the hidden truth but it is obvious that the “truth” they report can also be set up as well. Officersoften criticize WikiLeaks for exposing information without sufficient analysis with two opposite reactions for this; one side who trust the report and support the website for announcing the truth and...
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