Mon sejour en suisse (article en anglais)

Pages: 2 (317 mots) Publié le: 2 février 2011
On the first day of school, I was so nervous that I felt sick. The thought of having a class that, not only speaks french all the time, but also that had already beentogether the previous year terrified me. I expected to be left out and lost, mostly because I couldn’t speak french like them. But here I am, more than five months later,and actually enjoy being with these same people every day. Being surrounded with these smiling, happy faces and their everyday jokes makes all of the hardships seem lessimportant.

If I were to make a list of differences between here and the U.S., I can tell you it’d be quite a long one. But I can also say that almost all of thosethings that I’m now accustomed too are what I love about being here. I love how ‘international’ Switzerland is, just walking through the city, there are people from allover the world speaking countless languages while everyone else walks by without a second glance. People are so curious here, without being judgmental, about other culturesand ways of life. Of course, I have to say something about how wonderfully delicious the chocolate is as well, and how it is the cause of my gaining several kilos... Ilove being able to take the buses and trains, and always being surrounded by absolutely beautiful scenery that is so different from where I come from.

Now, I can’t evenimagine returning back to the United States after this year; I don’t feel like my stay in Switzerland is only temporary. It is almost impossible for me to describe mystay here because every day is so different than the last. But what I can say is that once I leave, I know I’ll be waiting to come back hopefully time and time again.
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