Moroccan e-guide

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Moroccan E-Tourist Guide
The project I would like to work on is the Moroccan E-Tourist Guide. The idea is to develop applications that will be put in big and touristic cities in Morocco such as Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier, Casablanca, Rabat and also websites that will assist tourists visiting Morocco by providing them with maps, 3D videos, and information concerning, hotels, restaurants, and other touristic places and accommodations in Morocco. Also, it will help them contact and reserve hotels, transportation, and accommodations.
Both the application and the website will contain digital maps of Morocco that can help tourists easily locate places. In these digital maps, a shared network will allow them to see the different places where they can sleep, prices, rooms’ availability, and to reserve if they want so. The database will also cover the different restaurants and their menus. In addition, they can have information about places to visit, their history, and consult prices. Cameras’ will be put in the main touristic places of the country so that, when clicking the place, the visitors can have the chance to 3D see the place. Other services will be offered such as information about means of transportation, their availability or schedules, state of the roads and contacts. This project will help in the development of Tourism in Morocco. It will work hand in hand with the tourism project that the Minister of Tourism is working on. That is why our client will be the minister of tourism, and the developer will be Atos Origin, a French company specialized in programing and that has already worked with the Moroccan government in many other projects. (Moroccan general treasurery and the @ujour project that allows the government to auto-calculate the payment of 7000

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