Must forgive but not forget

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Generally, you trust your friends. But you can be confronted with a treason. But in the time, things will sort themselves out, and you forgive. Forgiveness is something a few people are ableto give, but must we forget ?

At first sight, forgive is a decision and forget is not.
First, I would like to talk about the fact that we must forget, actually in order to be sure tohave forgiven. Otherwise, you still think about the story that happened, you will always want to ask for an explanation, and so, you will never get on well with people. If you don't leave behindbad things, it is like opening over and over a scar that bleeds. For example, if your boyfriend has hurt you, it can be benefical to forgive in order to be able to build something with somedyelse later. Otherwise,ou are droomed to spend you life filled with bitterness. Human beings are flawed creatures who make mistakes, so you can easily forgive and forget the small things. Don'tforget doesn't get you any further.

Secondly, if you forget, it means that you trust somedy again.
But you have to know that this person has already hurt you and that she is able to doit again. As a matter of course, bad things always learn something. It's valuable not to forget because it's important to remember, not to be hurt again. Let's take the example ofSouth-Africa. Today, black people are not rejected by the society anymore because they forgot the past, even if racism still exists. Besides, when you have a different with somebody, you must try toforgive and to work out your differences but never forget.

As a consequence, I think that it's important to forgive, but forgetting is not an obligation. The fact to forget can bebeneficent. If you want to build something, you must forget bad things and back to square one. Otherwise, you'd loose your friend and you'll never get on well with them...

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