My death

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Jane, Suzan, Sarah and I are sitting in the balcony of my apartment; debating what movie we should go watch. The discussion is a heated one since each one of us is proposing adifferent movie. I am getting more aggravated by the minute. How could they not want to watch the movie I picked: Gone with the Wind?
I move up from my seat and lean against the railing in anattempt to get fresh air. It is very apparent that I am annoyed and angry. Suzan is approaching me in an attempt to tickle me and calm me down. I lash back to escape her and suddenly Ican hear the sound of the railing break away from the wall. Oh, my God. I can feel my body tilting backwards with no support.
In a flash, my body is completely in mid air totallyoutside the building. Could be true, am I truly flying down like a leaf in thin air from the third floor of our building, heading rapidly towards the building entrance on the ground floor.I am scared, I am screaming for help but no one can do anything to save me. As I am traveling down, my body is rotating with no control. I can now see the ground quickly approaching.Dear Lord, please save me.
Bang! I can hear and feel my body slam into the ground. It is so painful, I think I broke my leg. It is so painful. My mind is rotating at maximum speed. Itis so painful? I can still feel, I am alive, I am alive! It is a miracle.
I can hear my friends shouting and crying in panic. As I am lying down in pain, I look up towards my apartmenthoping to show my friends that I am relatively fine, and to my horror I can see a big part of the rail flying down directly towards me. I cannot move, I cannot move.
Bang! The railsmashes into my head. How nice I am thinking I don’t feel pain. My mother always used to say that I am hard headed. I don’t feel pain, Oh no, I don’t feel pain.
Apparently I am dead!!
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