Napoleon biographie en anglais

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Napoleon 1st (August 15, 1769 Ajaccio - May 5, 1821 Saint Helen ). Emperor of the French (1804-1814 and 1815). Resulting from a Corsican family, Napoleon Bonaparte is allowed in 1779 at the military academy of Brienne, then in 1784 with that of Paris. Became artillery lieutenant, it carries out a garrison life and embraces with heat the ideas of the Revolution in 1789. It is distinguished with the seat from Toulon and its tactic makes it possible to take again the revolted city (December 1793).

In October 1795, it ruins a royalist takeover by force against Convention. A few months later, it receives the command of the army of Italy, This military campaign reveals a great man of war: from March 1796 to April 1797, it beats the armies Italian and Austrian and obliges Austria to ask peace. The treaty of Campo-Formio (October 1797) is the work of Bonaparte, marking his independence with regard to the Directory. The forwarding of Egypt completes to perfect its popularity (1798-1799).

In October 1799, it returns to France, where the Directory struggles in enormous difficulties. It then represents the arm armed for all those which want to finish some with the mode. Bonaparte organizes with Sieyès the coup d'etat of 18 and 19 brumaire (November 1799) and becomes provisional consul. The Constitution of year VIII (December 1799), which is its work, invests it, as a first consul of a considerable capacity. The Consulate achieves inside a significant work of pacification and reorganization. The conclusion of the Legal settlement with the pope Pie VIl in 1801 brings back religious peace. The France is equiped of new administrative , legal and financial institution (creation of prefect in 1800, of Bank of France in 1800 and of Franc germinal in 1803, promulgation of Civil code civil in 1804).

At outside, the war continues against Austria, Bonaparte conducts one second campaign of ltaly while another army is committed in Germany (1800): Austria is overcome and signs

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